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  Supply Chain excellence requires the seamless connection of the suppliers of the raw materials included in your products through production and into your customers hands.  It includes careful attention to logistics, alternative sources of supply, rigorous quality control of components and sub-systems.

  • Strategic Sourcing- We have evaluated suppliers on a global basis and successfully reduced costs by more than 25% while maintaining quality control and reducing lead times.
  • Win-win partnerships- We have developed transparent pricing systems aimed at allowing a fair profit to suppliers, rewarding them for speed and quality and controlling costs.
  • Quality Control- We have developed cost effective third party inspection processes (incoming, in-process and final)and electronic documentation sharing which has improved production yields by 24% and reduced failures by 56%
  • Protection of IP- We have developed systems to protect US companies from having their IP copied or having unauthorized manufacturing.
  • Demand forecasting- We have developed advanced mathmatical techniques designed to optimize inventory levels and reduce stock outs even in environments of rapid change

Background and approach summary
Our experience in strategic sourcing, procurement, logistics and quality control has been very successful. We are specialists at structuring and implementing win-win relationships between US companies and producers in LCC's (low cost countries) including Asia and Mexico. These relationships have been as simple as purchasing agreements and as complex as setting up owned operations in the low cost countries. They have also included joint ventures and OEM agreements.

Our specialty is in negotiating, structuring and implementing these relationships with a goal of transparent pricing, strong quality control, protecting and controlling valuable IP, developing forecasting systems to minimize inventory investments but be able to react quickly to changes in near term demand. These arrangements have produced huge cost efficiencies for companies in the US and important partnerships for the producers.

The relationships do not typically depend upon what product is being sourced or produced. But, our experience in this area has been principally with electrical, electronic, plastics, tooling, specialty chemicals and steel products. The US companies we have worked with in this area include businesses in the construction, telecommunications and lighting areas. We have also set up offshore manufacturing operations for computer and clinical diagnostic systems and materials. The common thread of these accomplishments has been a vital focus on quality control, IP control and cost efficiency. These are the "Achilles heel" of most outsourcing operations.



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